Thomas Patrick Levy

Author of I Don't Mind if You're Feeling Alone & Please Don't Leave Me Scarlett Johansson.

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You the forest move like skies, you the trees and breeze are waking with every bird and sun and you the forest sometimes cold with your bare neck and limbs all twisted. You the forest falling and you the forest with your windy spine. I want you felled. Everything a mist, your finger whispers down against the floor where moss and creek all trickle, where mist is breaking stick and twig. You breathe the forest in the skies. Your breathe the dirt between your toes. Your neck stripped of leaf and thorn and the trees all split and heaving.

The Big Picture

Could you also be water, lifted sky. Just could you be time, there, so deep. Go let me struggle, electric across the cities the line ground under code, the line ground but not bone and all you send is wire, sweeping scenery, and road. I’m home, you understand I’m born. Could you go let this across all the country, go let deserts veil this up with everything because going is wind. Oh wonders, oh wind, oh sand, were you angel, were you clarity. If love were wet its heart were eyes and you’re but bone. A discussion you’re blaming, you’re history, of course you’re in position thinking YOU’RE JUST LINE, YOU’RE JUST PUZZLE. Don’t place yourself loose or clouded, don’t go soon and greet. Live and try, so empty, wishing one lifetime so feeling and stomping. My holding is quiet, it’s mean. Again I am that avalanche, that voice. Again I am that buried being, forgetting that you’re a corner but different. All memories are clouds and you’re different but not a maze. Isn’t stillness truth. Aren’t predictions streams. Aren’t we surrounded constantly. Aren’t you enough. Wide open and too far. Is this picture still. Is this picture a not a line. Is this not sky.

Live at The Squat, San Francisco – 2012

Video credit to Shawn Levy who recorded me reading at The Squat in San Francisco, CA sometime in 2012 during the release tour for I Don’t Mind If You’re Feeling.

Epic video quality and jokes, Janey Smith makes a guest appearance as a stage light, the audience humors me hard, and someone catches on fire (but you can’t see it).

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I want you the sun the trees the moon the stars I want you the birds and I want the bedtime you the you who is not alone who is not the moon nor the sun nor the tress I want you the soft lake water I want you the summertime I want your hair your hands your heart I want you the lips I want you the shore I want you the smooth red rock that breaks the glass of the lake I want you the winter and you the wind I want the morning time you and I want you that rises like steam from damp road under orange lights I want you the tongue and I want your chest I want you that flies and I want you that spits I want your butterfly fingers in my gut I want your bicycle hips in my head I want to sleep and I want you alone I want to see your heart and touch your heart I want your legs like leaves in the grass I want you against trees and I want you against dark I want your hair a mess of lace I want you yesterday and I want you ice I want your whispers like slits in a dress I want you the crack of lightning I want you loud I want you


It’s all lonesome and he knows only Lord can leave him shot-broke, the whistle wicked and star-falling. The moon’s his rotten train. He knows it does nothing. He knows only wicked pleases. He knows only Lord can leave him loaded. He can please all that nothing. The well does nothing and the yard only falls. When he gets enough he cries there is nothing lonesome. Here he’s alone. Here there’s that much nothing.

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Your feet are all blister and floorboard. Your walk is warped. You look like everyone I have ever seen. I say THE GEOMETRY IS ALL WRONG. You are all shampoo and shoulders. There’s so much water and it’s just appeared. You are almost all panties. I don’t notice what your fingers do when you’re not talking loud enough. You are all shampoo and shoulder and panties. I can’t find your toes. I say say THESE SHOES ARE THE WRONG SHOES. I use your shampoo and it still feels wrong. I don’t know where to put my hands. I say I WANT TO TOUCH YOU. I don’t know which words are the right words. I say I AM GOING TO COUGH ALL RIGHT. Your hair is still perfect. I tie a rope to the ceiling and I tie ropes to your ankles. I say YOUR FEET MUST HURT.Your hair barely moves in the air. Your soles are rough, your soles are sharp. Your hair barely moves even though we’re moving really fucking fast. I try to turn these circles into memories. You look like no one I have ever seen. The water is everywhere and the shampoo is in my eyes. You’re walking away. I say YOU’RE SHIRT IS TOO DAMN LONG. I say YOUR HAIR IS PERFECT.